Future Sensation


Each week we search for the best new music, during this proces there's allways one who stands out, this track deserves some extra attention, we call it the Future Sensation !

Let us know what u think of it.


Top 40


Sunday's at 2PM, the best 80s dance classics chart: Kareltje Disco Dance.

2 our show filled with soul, r&b, hip-hop, house, disco & funky music according to the original chart list back in the days. Comming up this sunday:



  0.00-10.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics
10.00-16.00  Nu Dance - Best of 2022 
16.00-18.00  Peter van der Ree - Unlimited Music World
18.00-19.00  Peter van der Ree - Classic Mix
Disco Evangelist - In the Mix
20.00-21.00  DJ ArCee - Disco Today
21.00-22.00  DJ BC Boy - Old Skool Classics Mix Show
22.00-23.00  DJ TYNN - Dance Vibes LIVE In the Mix
23.00-24.00  Robin Schulz - Sugar Radio Show
  0.00-01.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics




01.00-09.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics
09.00-17.00  Nu Dance - Best of 2022

17.00-18.00  Marvin Marvelous - The Marvin Show
18.00-19.00  DJ TYNN - Dance Vibes Live In the Mix
19.00-20.00  DJ Def-Jam - On the Beat 
20.00-21.00  D-Nata - In the Mix 
21.00-22.00  Marshall UK - Soiree Session
22.00-23.00  DJ ArCee - Disco Today
23.00-24.00  DJ Ray Averson - MixedUp



  0.00-09.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics
09.00-13.00  Nu Dance - Best of 2022

13.00-14.00  Rene de Haan - De Haan Draait Door

14.00-16.00  Frank de Graaf - Kareltje Disco Dance 
Peter van der Ree - Classic Mix
17.00-18.00  Peter van der Ree - Unlimited Music World 
18.00-19.00  Peter van der Ree - Unlimited House Party
19.00-20.00  Ronald Rich
èl - The Boogie's Gonna Get Yah
20.00-21.00  DJ Def-Jam - On the Beat

21.00-22.00  DJ DC - Disco Classics Mix 
DJ BC Boy - Old Skool Classics Mix Show

23.00-24.00  DJ Robbiez  - In the Mix

  0.00-10.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics



  0.00-10.00  Oldskool - Dance Classics
10.00-24.00  Nu Dance - Best of 2022





There's always room for new DJ's, please contact us by whatsApp 



BC Boy

Each week an outstanding LIVE 'garage' mix by DJ TYNN.  The most incredible new house music, Nu-Disco or even dance classics in 60 min. set, one thing is for sure, u don't wanne miss a minute, Tune-in Friday at 10PM & Saterday at 6PM

Every other week a perfect mix by our first & only female DJ D-Nata.

A 'never know what you get' mix-set taking you on a jouney to a secret musical destination..

Check it out Saterday at 8PM

Well known as member of the Dutch Dance and Hip Hop formation King Bee, BC Boy. His love for the music comes together in his Oldskool mix show. Join him Friday & Saterday Night at 9PM

All day long we bring you the best Nu Disco,

Indie Dance, Soulful House, Deep House

Classic House, Funk & Dance Classics. 

The hottest new danceable music without commercials or news bulletins.

Tune in, its free...just remember, this is where you hear it first! 

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